Unlocking data potential

Empowering companies to make better decisions and sense-making,
through smart data analysys and weak signals amplification

The spread of "data-driven technologies", new analytical methods and infrastructure virtualisation extend the importance of digital knowledge to every industry sector and to the entire business value chain.

This is the basic hypothesis behind iXoogler

iXoogler uses a performance logic based on the differentiation of products and services offered in the B2B market, with a strong focus on quality and the scalability of advisory outputs as well as the verticalisation of production models.

Our Vision

In a context of information overload, only the ability to identify and select the right weak signals through the protection and management of data can provide companies with information about their customers and allow the customisation of products and services.

Our Mission

iXoogler's mission is to develop and consolidate a group that will become a reference point for the Italian and European digital market in the development and adoption of data-driven technologies, both through direct development of services and software solutions and through the strategic acquisition of organisations already present on the market.

Our values include

  • Openness to change and to innovation drivers

  • A passion for what we do

  • The pursuit of excellence in our work and our products

  • Transparency and a respect for our partners and customers

"From Data comes Knowledge, from Knowledge comes Power, from Power comes Action."

Avinash Kaushik

3rdPLACE is a digital strategy consulting agency with offices in Milan and Rome. We support Italian and international companies in the development of digital strategies using an exclusively data-driven approach.

3rdPLACE is the only digital consultancy organisation in Italy made up of former Google top managers

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3rdPLACE is one of the few retailers in Europe authorized by Google to the sale and management of Google Analytics Premium.

Certificazioni 3rdPLACE

The ultimate marketing challenge.

Localbravo aids companies with a proprietary or non proprietary sales network to use the power of local digital marketing to promote and increase visits by potential and existing customers to the store.

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"Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing"

Warren Buffett

FinScience is a software application capable of the interception and interpretation of weak signals present as structured (numbers) and unstructured (conversations) data. The application aims to broaden the information set supporting the financial analysis activities of private, professional & corporate investors.

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The integration of three different factors makes the implementation of product or service solutions in this area of business possible:


The utilisation of innovative and modular technologies, with a specific focus in the field of data-driven solutions, to minimise deployment costs and allow the extension to new products and services for the market, emphasising scalability and customisation of the offer;


Extensive knowledge of business models used in the digital sector and of the integration of digital or physical distribution channels.
Integration of skills in different areas:

  • Analytics
  • Data Science
  • Data Architecture
  • Db Management
  • UX Design
  • Online Media Optimization
  • Conversion Improvement
  • Search Engine Marketing


The proprietary methodological system, used both product divisions as well as for the consultancy area, allows:

  1. KPI definition and the implementation of advanced online tracking strategies relatd to the business objectives
  2. weak signal detection from data overload
  3. insight analysis from signals
  4. insight actionability
  5. improvement action as a result of the analysis
  6. the impact of actions on business objectives to be monitored in a near real-time interactive test&monitor cycle


Alessandro Arrigo

Partner, Digital Intelligence

At 3rdPLACE since the start-up as Project Manager, later becoming Partner and Head of Technology developing projects of technological and innovative nature for highly complex web marketing activities

Cristiano Cirillo

Partner, Media Intelligence

Former Google Manager in Italy responsible for the development of local customer and retail business. Named Agency Relationship Manager in 2011 responsible for independent agencies in Italy and the associated teams.

Andrea Salvati

Partner & Member Advisory Board

Master in Marketing and Communications, has held positions of increasing responsibility in the national media industry, both traditional and digital. Google top manager from 2006 to 2012, with Industry Leader responsibility for major clients in the Finance, Government, Non Profit, Energy and Publishing sectors and, in 2012, Sales Coordinator for Italy

Claudio Zamboni

Co-Founder & Partner

Former Google Italy top manager where he participated in the start-up and served as Industry Leader for Telecommunication and Entertainment sectors. Prior to Google, he gained experience in numerous other companies, including Telecom Italy where he held positions in marketing (Tin.it) and sales (Virgilio).

Mauro Arte

Co-Founder & Partner

MBA from LUISS Guido Carli University in Rome, served as a digital consultant at Ernst & Young and later as a manager at Google Italy dealing with the development of the Media & Entertainment sector, covering among others the role of Head of YouTube Italy.

Fabrizio Milano d'Aragona

Co-Founder & Partner

Former Top Manager of Google Italy where he participated in the start-up and success of the Italian office, responsible, amongst other areas, for team expansion and the development of trade relations, becoming an Industry Leader in the Retail, Fashion and Local sectors.

Pierluigi Vacca

Partner, Marketing Intelligence

After three years with Google USA as Search Quality Evaluator (website search and placement query analysis to improve the Google algorithm), in 2004 he participated in the start-up of Google Italy as head of Italian and international key accounts.

The history of the digital group



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